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Wed Nov 30


18:25 <@sam-> hi chade!!!
18:25 <@chad> HIG!
18:25 <@chad> What is UP?!


Tue Nov 29

Tip Move windows in OS X without changing focus

Hold down the Command key, then drag the titlebar of an unfocused window.

First Law of Distributed Object Design: Don’t distribute your objects!

Martin Fowler

Mon Nov 28


Stand out in the crowd

Brief RJS tutorial

Cody Fauser gives a walk-through of the new rjs templates in Rails.

The Racetrack

Many people will fall in love and have children.

_why on what will go down at RailsConf

Sun Nov 27

RailsConf 2006

The first official International Rails Conference, sponsored by RubyCentral, is June 22-25 in Chicago. Don’t miss out on registration details and speaker information—subscribe to the RSS now.

Fri Nov 25

Agile lie detector

A lie detector for your mobile phone.

Agile Lie Detector measures the amount of stress caused by lying in a person’s voice and displays this information in a graph in real-time.

Modules mixed into an instance

class Object def extended_by class << self; ancestors end end end foo = Object.new foo.extend Enumerable Object.ancestors.include? Enumerable # => false foo.extended_by.include? Enumerable # => true

Wed Nov 23

It was the first part of my life. Second is the rest.

Bill Callahan, Drinking at the Dam



Being Opaque

Avi Bryant on those gnarly URLs you see in continuations based web frameworks.


2:33 PM <@bitsweat> huh?
2:34 PM <@bitsweat> what does love have to do with it
2:34 PM * bitsweat croons
It would have been simpler to begin at the beginning, but the beginning didn’t mean much without what came after, and what came after didn’t mean much without the end.

Lydia Davis, The End of the Story

Tue Nov 22


A french press insert for Nalgene bottles.
I am a rock bottom riser and I owe it all to you.

Bill CallahanRock Bottom Riser

Mon Nov 21

It turns out not to have been worth the wait.

Michiko Kakutani on Gabriel García Márquez’s first work of fiction in 10 years



I have a bunch of zombie shells hanging around dated Fri13.


Sun Nov 20


15:19 < nextangle> So exciting fact about bedding I learned today...

When Single Happy just isn’t good enough….


Postcards from the Rootkit


Place settings

Sat Nov 19


21:01 < noradio> chad: dude...louisville is for hipsters ;)
21:01 < chad> noradio: oh it is? cool. thx.
21:01 < noradio> Will Oldham is from Louisville 8)
21:01 < chad> who is that?
21:02 < noradio> *exactly*
Sometimes Microsoft is alright.

Marcel, after seeing this

It’s like the word “allopathic.” It just means doing things right, and it’s a bad sign when you have a special word for that.

Paul Graham on Web 2.0


17:28 <@bitsweat> I find that I like getting TV series on DVD is really nice
17:28 <@bitsweat> um, ENGRISH


Create maps on which you can plot points, add annotations and draw routes.

Tip Storing sessions in your database

1. Run a rake task

rake create_session_table

2. Edit your config/environment.rb
config.action_controller.session_store =  \

3. Cruise for burgers

“Pipes” with Ruby’s IO

Perhaps the Rio project could incorporate this approach into its API.
I pledge to post only the cream of the meme, in order to uphold the standards of link quality and rarity to which Project.ioni.st aggregators have become accustomed.

Patrick Ewing, newest addition to Projectionist


Radical cartography

Fri Nov 18

Our house looks like a life explosion.

Chad, who just moved

There are two full snark-free, poignant pages where she goes on about abolitionist Frederick Douglass in such a way that makes me want to be a better person.

from a review of Sarah Vowell’s Assassination Vacation


17:39 <@bitsweat> e^pi*i = -1
17:40 <@bitsweat> boggle at the transcendentals and irrationals in unity
17:40 <@bitsweat> that's most of the fundamentals of the universe there
17:41 <@bitsweat> nice little package

Laser-etched Powerbook


The 37cluster

P & P

Anthropologists take note: A whole new generation of children will be brought up with these as their bed time stuffed toys.


12:15 < xal> .rjs is the hottest thing in the past half year

Thu Nov 17

Dash my buttons if you aren’t a handsome-looking sea-calf.

The Woman at the Department Store in Bruce Jay Friedman’s The Lonely Guy’s Apartment


4:58 < Ulysses> I noticed that I really love dash-separated-names
14:58 < Ulysses> it's the thing I like best about lisp/scheme
14:59 < minam> now all we need is a different operator for subtraction
14:59 < Ulysses> use spaces
14:59 < Ulysses> this - is - subtraction
14:59 < minam> 2 1 = 1

New Beaujolais Nouveau today

Wed Nov 16


20:07 * noradio sits back and waits for David A. Black to make an Object#to_b or not Object#to_b joke
Selling is short-term satisfaction. Building is long term enjoyment.

Jason Fried


00:21 -!- nextangle[n=david@c-67-173-184-141.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #rails-core
00:21 < noradio> hsd1.il.comcast.net
00:21 < noradio> :o

Mon Nov 14


18:57 * bitsweat unloads on grub + initrd + lvm2
19:38 <@tehdely> install OpenBSD
19:51 <@bitsweat> what kind of volume management does openbsd have?
19:52 <@tehdely> mostly angst and rage
19:52 <@tehdely> also some RAID support

Henry electric


13:51 * zenspider walks away to go pump iron
13:51 * slyphon sighs

Open Letter to My Mind

Slowly falling out of love.
It’s been too many days of fighting the weather, and too many nights of not being together.

Guy Clark, Let Him Roll

Changes in Ruby 1.9

Mauricio Fernandez is keeping tabs on the CHANGELOG so you don’t have to.

Sun Nov 13



Sat Nov 12

Danby countertop dishwasher

Cheap, hooks up to your faucet, and cleans four placesettings at a time. I think I’ve finally found the answer to all of my problems.

Fri Nov 11


11:24 < chad> what's your svn --version?
11:24 < htonl> 1.2.3
11:24 < htonl> no idea how up to date that is
11:24 < chad> mine is over a year old i think
11:24 < chad> so that's my problem
11:25 < htonl> livin la vida caveman

Thu Nov 10

Tip Dump your Rails session data

Think something weird’s going on with your sessions during development?

ruby -rpp script/runner \
“Dir[‘app/models/*rb’].each{|f|require f}
pp Dir[‘/tmp/ruby_sess*’].collect{|f|
[f, Marshal.load(File.read(f))]}”

Wed Nov 9

If you work in a company with 5 levels of architects, they really don’t trust you.


Airless tires?

I look forward to finding all sorts of baubles affixed to the spokes of my car’s airless tires.

Get out your baseball cards. What’s old is new is the new new.


Sunset cinema al fresco

The Case of the Fraudulently Adhesive Toilet Seat

“It’s not about the money. I want my health back. I want to be back to normal,” Dougherty said. “I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anybody ever, ever again.”

Tue Nov 8

It’s no longer aspergers and emacs…we’re putting people back into the equation.

Nat Torkington


3:28 PM <@chad> I once saw Snowflake, the albino gorilla embrace his constraints Live in person


15:54 * chris2 watches the turbofoo movie
15:54 * noradio raises a CherryPy exception
People have said that it’s going to be my year for the past twelve years.

Sarah Silverman


12:15 < _why> you're a good kid, chris2
12:15 < _why> your parents did a really great job

Mon Nov 7

I defy anyone to come up here and use any other framework to duplicate what we’re doing in Rails as quickly.

Except Avi.


Ostrich heads

The Bumblelog

Jamis Buck has fulfilled rule 1 of the tumblelogging manifesto with his new buzzing braindump, The Bumblelog. He’s got individual feeds for each tag – a great idea – and you can create your own feed with two or more tags by joining them with + in the URL (/rss/haskell+ruby+rails).

Sat Nov 5

Tip Kernel#display

In Ruby, there is a little-known method called `display` defined in the Kernel module. Its job is to allow an object to print itself:

1.display # prints “1”
“ralph”.display # prints “ralph”

In Rails, it’s often tempting to create an action called `display` for, say, displaying a product’s details (http://myapp.com/product/display/1).

Don’t do it. It won’t work. And you’ll spend a lot of time not knowing why it doesn’t work.

Fri Nov 4


4:44 PM < skaes> graham forgot to think about IRC
4:44 PM < skaes> easily kills more time than meetings
4:45 PM < skaes> ;-)
During the Bubble, a lot of people predicted that startups would outsource their development to India. I think a better model for the future is David Heinemeier Hansson, who outsourced his development to a more powerful language instead.

Paul Graham

Irish folk tales scare the shit out of me.

Stephen Malkmus

Thu Nov 3

Tip Make your Rails layouts more Rubyish

You can use <%= yield %> instead of <%= @content_for_layout %> in your templates. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


1:08 PM <@chad> :q
1:08 PM <@chad> :\
1:11 PM <@chris2> :w!
1:11 PM <@noradio> :x
1:12 PM <@mikael> :!emacs
1:15 PM <@chris2> =)


Wed Nov 2

Build great apps. Don’t get distracted by legitimacy.

Jeremy Kemper


Power lines

Tumblelogs; just a fancy name for the weblogs people like me used to have back in the day, really, back when Blogger was state-of-the-art.

What tumblelogs aren’t

Tip Succinct substring inclusion check

You can use String#[] instead of String#include?:

  >> fiesta_mexicana = ‘restaurant’
>> fiesta_mexicana[‘aura’]
=> “aura”
>> fiesta_mexicana[‘lutefisk’]
=> nil

I believe everyone will die someday.

From an urgent correspondence


00:16 <@bitsweat> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jeremy/src/io/vm'
00:16 <@bitsweat> make: *** [all] Error 2
00:16 <@bitsweat> jeremy@asus ~/src/io $ cd ..; rm -rf io
00:16 <@noradio> and thusly ends an era
00:16 <@noradio> jeremy's short stint with io
00:16 <@bitsweat> version controlled

Space eggs

Tue Nov 1


15:08 < noradio> is ticket #2691, #2692, #2693, #2694 and #2695 meant to be witty mimesis?
15:08 < bitsweat> chao@cs.stanford.edu has a big issue with components
15:09 < noradio> that's how they GTD @ Stanford
15:09 < Ulysses> noradio: pls do resolve those tickets as NOT FUNNY
If you’re looking for someone to quote…just drop me a line.

Peter Cooper, Rails expert


14:52 <@sam-> EuRoKoNaNoWriMoRuWiki


NaNoWriMo is a forum exclusively committed to the timely production of crappy novels.

November is National Novel Writing Month

Unpack a Gem

#!/usr/bin/env ruby # unpack_gem - Unpack the contents of the specified # gem into the specified destination directory. # ex. # % unpack_gem fcgi-0.8.5.gem require 'rubygems/format' require 'rubygems/installer' abort "#{File.basename($0)} archive [destdir]" unless (1..2).member? ARGV.size gem, destination_dir = *ARGV destination_dir ||= gem[/^\w+/] Dir.mkdir(destination_dir) unless File.exists? destination_dir Gem::Installer.new('').extract_files(destination_dir, Gem::Format.from_file_by_path(gem))