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Tue Jan 31

OK, that is seriously too sweet.

Jeremy Durham


module Enumerable def group_by inject({}) do |groups, element| (groups[yield(element)] ||= []) << element groups end end end events.group_by(&:month) # => {'May' => [<Event>, <Event>], 'June' => [...]}

The 2006 Practicalmadness Oscars Game

Correctly predict the winners of as many Academy Awards categories as possible by March 5 and win…
something (to be announced). Details at David Demaree’s blog.
That really chaps your caboose.

Sam to Marcel, in reference to using “less” rather than “fewer”


17:21 < mikael> I give my servers male names and my home workstations female names
17:21 < mikael> because that's the way it should be

Sun Jan 29


Lincoln Park penguin

Sat Jan 28

What’s new here is that nothing is new here.

Brian Foote

Fri Jan 27

Open Minds Collect Trash

Waterfall 2006

Thu Jan 26


210 days, 600 posts, 1,015 readers

Wed Jan 25


21:48 < htonl> firewalls are very web 1.0
21:48 < htonl> anti-social

Tip “I could care less”

“I could care less” means that you could care less, implying that you do care.

If you find yourself saying “I could care less” you probably meant to say “I couldn’t care less”.


More power lines

So Ian, with respect, no…you’re not right.

Chad Fowler on monkey patching

If we live to see the other side of this, I will remember your kiss. So do it with your mouth open.

John Darnielle in Dilaudid

Tue Jan 24


13:12 * chad is waiting for the IRS to send a memo from one building to the building next door
13:12 < chad> they sent it last wednesday
13:12 < chad> still hasn't arrived next door yet
13:13 < htonl> graduate student services at OU was like that
13:13 < htonl> it took them a month to get my transcripts
13:13 < htonl> ... from themselves!

Bug on glass

Metaphysics with Ruby

me = me # => nil me # => nil


05:03 < mikael> ruby duby doo

Mon Jan 23

After programing in ruby for the past 3 months, I must say I’m happier.

Sky Yin on ruby-talk


18:16 <@Ulysses> wn chad
18:17 <@chad> does that mean what's new?
18:18 <@Ulysses> yes
18:19 <@Ulysses> pretend to be darcs for a moment :-)
18:19 <@Ulysses> tell me about all the new hunks in your life
18:19 <@noradio> zing
18:19 <@noradio> and by zing i mean, you're a total nerd
Celebrate, shut up, and do something.

Ryan Singer


13:08 < enoch-> nextangle needs time to assume the crane fighting position

Tobi yawning

Date range to SQL clause

(6.months.ago.to_date..1.year.ago.to_date).to_s(:db) => "BETWEEN '2005-07-27' AND '2005-01-22'"
How many times, in your professional career, have you written a function to generate a Fibonacci sequence?

Josh Carter on Ruby vs. Lisp

For developers who consider themselves as poets and artists too, I can’t think of a better language.

Edd Dumbill on Ruby

Sun Jan 22


Ultimate Showdown

For convenience, let me narrow down the scope of realistic outcomes of this debate.


Tip Only run certain tests

test/unit has an -n command line option which allows you to run only tests whose names match a specific string or pattern.

  • ruby account_test.rb -n test_downgrade
  • ruby account_test.rb -n /downgrade/

Breakpoint into failing tests

Scott comes up with a small hack that lets you drop into a breakpoint automatically when you have a failing assertion.
If all the 3D models of declined architectural proposals were to be collected, a totally different world could be compiled.

Ursula Lavrencic (paraphrased)

Sat Jan 21


15:03 < nzkoz> Apparently rails is scared of built in authentication in asp.net 2.0
15:04 < technoweenie> i am too

Fri Jan 20

The McGurk effect

Watch the video, then play it again with your eyes closed. Brains are stupid agile.


16:15 < nzkoz> .rjs rocks my world severely.
16:16 < htonl> it rocks me to my very core
16:16 < htonl> which is black

This is Grand

Stories from Chicago’s rapid transit system.

Death Valley highway

When something is too hard it means that you’re not cheating enough.


The reason the young care so much about prestige is that the people they want to impress are not very discerning.

Paul Graham

Thu Jan 19

Tip farther vs further

Both are comparative degrees of far, but farther refers to physical distance, while further refers to figurative distance.

  • I can’t walk any farther.
  • I didn’t look into the problem any further.
This is Chicago.

An automated announcement on the L

Rake 0.7.0 released

Highlights include parallel (threaded!) tasks and namespace support. You know the drill: gem install rake (or get it the luddite’s way). Thanks Jim!

BBQ in Fort Stockton at sunset

It’s slick like a wet doorknob!

Jamis Buck in a Sunrise commit message


22:18 < htonl> i heartily and violently reiterate http://project.ioni.st/post/191#post-191
22:18 < htonl> i was just nearly blown the hell out of my desk chair
22:19 < htonl> my shouting "oh jesus christ!" kind of scared my wife, too

Wed Jan 18

Imitation is the saddest form of flattery.

Dave Thomas


15:17 < sam-> it's misleading because he doesn't say he's the author of the library
15:17 < nzkoz> that's how trolls work
15:18 < nzkoz> Imitation is the sincerest .... blah blah, whatta loser

_why’s UML


12:38 < xal> sam-: 2 things
12:38 < xal> a) you are nuts. those selectors are pure crack
12:38 < xal> b) could you add them to actionpack so that update_javascripts grabs them?
13:02 < madrobby> c) add more crack
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UnderworldLive shop download page

Tue Jan 17


Breakfast buffet


20:41 < enoch-> the ultimate DRYness is not writing any code

Horizontal windmill

Looks like a hand mixer.
Nothing is more unsightly than a solemn multi-millionaire.

Jeffrey Zeldman

Mon Jan 16


Gravestone in Bisbee

Fri Jan 13

What I’m more surprised over is the lack of interest in domain-specific languages in general. They just don’t seem to turn on Python people.

David Heinemeier Hansson

We ended up deciding it was too much magic and could confuse experienced Python programmers.

Adrian Holovaty


14:16 < technoweenie> have you guys tried chandler? http://chandler.osafoundation.org/
14:16 < nzkoz> technoweenie: I tried some *REALLY* early build (like, here's a window, click for crashes)
14:20 < nzkoz> gui 1.0

What’s new in Python 2.5?

LtU provides a highlight reel. (Getting rid of map in favor of list comprehension.)

Thu Jan 12

In considering everything, he almost can’t help but stumble on the truth.

From a review of Consider The Lobster


20:12 * noradio goes to read the I Saw You section of the Chicago Reader, hoping to find someone who saw him
I want to enjoy this code. This is why I want merged-nested scoping.

Justifying a patch


Orla cafe

Playing with super-simple face shapes is weird emotional territory.

Ryan Singer


18:01 < madrobby> rome is cool. they have traffic jams at like 3am.

Tue Jan 10

And now that you’re gone, were you ever there at all.

Euros Childs in The Humming Song


Sunset at White Sands

And it scrolls like butter.

Steve Jobs


15:07 < htonl> my rubyist plates are going to look a little lame on a 98 chevy lumina
15:11 < nzkoz> I didn't go through with the purchase, but my LUVROR plates would look lamer on a 1992 honda accord with clutch problems

Mon Jan 9

Falafels was his specialty and soon he became known as the FALAFEL KING.

The Falafel King

Sun Jan 8

A for effort, F for give me a fucking break.

Jason Fried


More Flavin

Frankly, I haven’t been this excited in a long time.


Sat Jan 7

I Googled you recently and I deeply enjoyed your website. You’re really narcissistic. I mean that in a very good way.

My friend, who is a “Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist”

Tip Filter collections by class with Enumerable#grep

Enumerable#grep uses the === operator internally, so in addition to matching each value in a collection against a regular expression, you can match against a class too.

>> [1.2, 3, ‘5’, nil, 7].grep(Numeric)
=> [1.2, 3, 7]

Fri Jan 6


19:05 < enoch-> if these apple displays get any bigger, i'm going to have to go back to writing duplicated code to fill the space
Please only Web 2.0 oriented people.

JOB Opening

Tip Use any? rather than !empty?

Calling Enumerable#any? without a block is the same as yielding each element to the block. As a result, when you can’t use unless, any? is semantically similar to the uglier !empty? (or size.nonzero?).

  if foo && !bar.empty?

  1. vs.
    if foo && bar.any?
This works for anything that includes Enumerable, notably Array and String.
Why are we not doing internationalization in Basecamp? Is it because it is a hard technical problem? Hell no. It’s because it would totally, like, cramp our style.

David at Snakes and Rubies


The Arena


16:10 < pragdave> The cool thing about BBQ is that you have to take your life into your hands and buy it from shacks that look like they were condemned before the war

Thu Jan 5

Tip Put your backpack on the dashboard


Koz’s dog Rory


3:09 PM < htonl> i agree but i'll say i don't just for some variation
3:09 PM < htonl> someone's gotta be the contrarian every now and then
3:09 PM < minam> no they don't

Donald Judd in Marfa

You are a bundle of energy, always on the go.

Sam’s fortune

You are the master of every situation.

Marcel’s fortune

Wed Jan 4


15:54 * htonlak pairs with himself
At ThoughtWorks we mostly do enterprise software and we’ve been helping our clients get real for years.

Obie Fernandez


23:35 < technoweenie> how'd the talk go
23:35 < htonlak> the evening went quite well
23:35 < htonlak> jim's presentation rocked, and someone got it on film
23:37 < htonlak> what i ended up doing was just taking the complete app, removing models/* and controllers/*, then reviewing the tests and filling in the app around the tests
23:37 < htonlak> it worked out pretty well, except for one instance when a selenium test for edit in place was supposed to fail but it passed
23:38 < noradio> did you figure out why it was passing?
23:38 < htonlak> no, i went to the bar with jim instead
23:38 < noradio> agile

John Chamberlain in Marfa

Tue Jan 3

10 Reasons Why “King Kong” Was A Disappointment

Probably contains spoilers.

Mon Jan 2

WAKE UP! This is VERY cute!

John Carter’s Little Lexer


14:48 < nzkoz> how's everybody scaling today?
Users don’t care about YOU—they care about themselves in relation to what you offer.

Kathy Sierra


12:29 < Ulysses> fr jdae dr, ,ao frgp drnceafo
12:29 < chad> is that Lojban? ;)
12:29 < Ulysses> dvorakian actually
12:29 < Ulysses> what you get when you type qwerty on dvorak

Sun Jan 1


Losar la Tashi Delek