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Sun Dec 31

Tip Print a message when your gem is installed

If you set the post_install_message attribute in your Gem’s specification, its text will be printed when someone installs your gem.

For example:

spec.post_install_message = “API CHANGE…”

Sun Dec 24


Fri Dec 22



Thu Dec 21

Happy holidays

Courtesy of David Has-and-belongs-to-many Hanssons

Wed Dec 20

I have a strict policy. No public speaking without blowing out ___holes.

Adam Keys

Tue Dec 19

I’m gonna try not to get my jelly in their peanut butter too much, if you know what I mean.

Patrick Ewing


Fox in the Snow

Mon Dec 18

25 Days of Active Support

Nice and comprehensive Rails advent calendar.

Mon Dec 11


Quickly detects and blocks cat typing.

Sat Dec 9

I’ve got a new way to walk.

You can go your own way.
Ruby’s the only language I’ve ever used that feels like it was designed by a programmer, and not by a hardware engineer (Java, C, C++), an academic theorist (Lisp, Haskell, OCaml), or an editor of PC World (Python).

William Morgan

Fri Dec 8


Ryan S. - ahh the Annual Christmas Cookie Tin from Who-Knows-Where has appeared at the Coudal office
Ryan S. - the day is mine!

Wed Dec 6

A visual love poem

Yesterday, Nico woke up in his flat in Split Croatia. On his closet door was a map created by his girlfriend, Andrea. The map showed different places for Nico to look as his took his usual route from his apartment to the academy where he studies.

Pigeons + GPS + Air Quality Sensors

Tue Dec 5


Jamis B. - and let me just say, once again and for the record, that hot-cocoa with a piece of peppermint candy-cane in it is incredible

Mon Dec 4

An interview with Seetharaman Narayanan

You know, the guy from the Photoshop splash screen.

Fri Dec 1

Tip Copying syntax-highlighted code from TextMate into Keynote

1. Deselect anything you have selected
2. Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-H (or, Bundles→TextMate→Create HTML from Document)
3. Wait for the HTML code to pop up in a new window
4. Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-P (or, Window→Show Web Preview)
6. Copy, paste, enjoy

Badminton is tennis after a few beers.

Ryan Singer


Cold War Unicorns