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Fri Mar 31

I’d recommend exchanging the fun of indignation for the fun of participation. It’s a much longer lasting joy.


Thu Mar 30

Mantis style isn’t easy to learn. The mantis is small, but powerful. With its arms it can lift up many times its own weight.

Invincible Shaolin

It’s wonderful when two nice surprises coincide. The day I got into Georgetown I also got a pair of jeans. The latter was more exciting.

Henry the intern


Red tailed hawk


Matt L. - btw, chicago folks i'll be in town tomorrow for lunch,etc.
Ryan S. - cool
Ryan S. - we have, however, given up eating as part of the whole "less" thing
Ryan S. - it's all protein pills now
I believe my responsibility is giving thinking people the best options they can get.


Wed Mar 29

Rails core

Sam S. - what is this "patch" thing
Michael K. - those things that cause bugs

Tue Mar 28

whenever I think of writing a plugin I just download it from rick instead


Mon Mar 27


Topic change in Rails core

Avie Tevanian leaves Apple

to “pursue other interests” on March 31.

Thomas Fuchs

Anarchaia turns one

Congrats to Chris and the tumblelog that started it all.

Sat Mar 25


Squeeze me

What’s the difference between OS X and Vista? Microsoft employees are excited about OS X.

Anonymous comment

Vista 2007: Fire the leadership now!

Microsoft employees give their take on Vista in the comments section of this blog post. Incredible.

Fri Mar 24

Absolute truth

Infinity = 1 / 0.0 module Kernel def truest eval %( #{'!' * Infinity} true ) end end # Ruby can't handle absolute truth truest # => RangeError: float inf out of range of Integer

Approaching absolute truth

module Kernel def truer eval %( #{'!' * 1000} true ) end end

Thu Mar 23

I am a s/w. eng.
working in bangalore.
i have some problem in ruby.

there is a class in vc+++ code.

i have to know the size of that class in ruby
and pass it to vc++ code.

IS THERE ANY SIZEOF type of operator in RUBY.



Wed Mar 22


Quack attack

Method interception

class Module def intercept_method(method, temporary_result) original_method = "#{Time.now.to_i}_#{method}" alias_method original_method, method # Not enough room for a ternary ;_; t = if temporary_result.respond_to?(:to_proc) temporary_result.to_proc else Proc.new { temporary_result } end define_method(method, t) yield alias_method method, original_method end end class Duck; def quack; 'Quack!' end end Duck.intercept_method(:quack, 'Honk!') do p Duck.new.quack end # => 'Honk!' p Duck.new.quack # => 'Quack!'
‘#fab444’ is the new ‘#ffffcc’

Bruce Williams

The notion of errors is ill-defined.

From the BUGS section of the netstat man page

Tue Mar 21


Totally not an iPhone : patent app for “Database programs for handheld devices” filed by Apple

Mon Mar 20

We have given up on hiring people here in Las Vegas. It seems that programmers which get paid well in Sin City get hooked on sex, drugs, rock and roll, and have other things to do besides work.

Rails job posting

Sun Mar 19

I wonder if it remembers me.

Bill Murray in The Life Aquatic

Fri Mar 17


Roadside near Kingman, AZ

The samchillian

A musical instrument based on relativity


16:15 < andersbr> Beware of hashes. Eeeeevillllll! Eeeeeevviiiiiiilllllllll!!!! (Apparently, session[:thingy] and session["thingy"] stuff data in two separate places. Which annoys me.)
16:15 < eriberri> of course they do andersbr
16:15 < eriberri> because symbols aren't strings.
16:15 < eriberri> you can go 'eeevill!!' all you like or you could actually pay attention to ruby. :)

Thu Mar 16

HTTP over XML over HTTP

(by way of Koz) Not feeling enough complexity in your enterprise applications? Have no fear, the W3C is here to help.

Rails core

Michael K. has entered the room
Michael K. - morning all. I'd just like to say, fuck oracle

Wed Mar 15

Rails core

Michael K. - I just asked a former co worker why he hasn't written an ant task to deploy their app
Michael K. - "dude - they pay me by the hour"
Michael K. - enterprise right there
Be ever so slightly disappointed unless each story contributes, in some small way, to making the system more malleable.

Brian Marick


Babies in flower pots

David Foster Wallace on Bookworm

Tue Mar 14

I’ll be flinging partials like a chimp throws feces.

Bruce Williams whipping himself into a Rails-coding frenzy

Mon Mar 13

What matters to me though is that I don’t burn out doing this. If I had to spend week after week attending only to the desire of users, I most certainly would. And trust me, there are enough user requests for me to be able to do that for years.

Allan Odgaard


May I take your order?

Sat Mar 11

This is hard, and you are not stupid. Good luck!

Parting words of reassurance by Aaron Hillegass at the end of an exercise in Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X

Tip On Surviving a Freestyle Rap Battle

If someone beats you in a battle and it gets to you, practice more until you think you’re really ready. Then challenge them again: if you win, you will earn a lot of respect back. It’s a great feeling, and chicks or dudes will dig your system and flair.

Fri Mar 10

PHP and Ruby are perfectly fine systems, but they are scripting languages and get their power through specialization: they just generate web pages. But none of them attempt any serious breadth in the application domain and they both have really serious scaling and performance problems.

James Gosling

Wed Mar 8

Scanner photography

Several years ago, I built my first homemade digital camera. The idea was simple – I would take an ordinary flatbed scanner, and use it in place of photo paper with a large format camera.

Mon Mar 6

Rails core

Mike C. - funny, because i ordered an elliptical trainer in october, got it delivered a week later, and today another one shows up on the step
Nicholas S. - your ellipticals are going to be awesome dude

American flag

Rails core

Michael K. - Locking yourself out of your house doesn't scale
It takes no skill to have an opinion about the name of a piece of software. It takes a lot of skill to create something as useful as Capistrano and a lot of generosity to give it out for free.

Chad Fowler

Sun Mar 5


14:07 < slyphon> it's so absurd
14:07 < slyphon> some kid in my building just got himself a Harpo Marx clown-horn
14:08 < slyphon> so every 10 minutes or so i hear Hon-KA hon-KA hon-KA

Fri Mar 3

Tip In case it hadn’t occurred to you…

Don’t type 22**222222222 in irb

Thu Mar 2

We kid because we love. Please don’t delete our Basecamp accounts.


Wed Mar 1


New business cards

…the post-boomers don’t give a damn about your “professionalism”. They want to know how you can help them kick ass, and why you don’t have a blog.

Kathy Sierra on dignity