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Fri Apr 28

Rails core

Nicholas S. - can't wait to ride this bike
Nicholas S. - it'll be like having sex
Nicholas S. - only last 3 hours
Rick O. - sounds hot
Michael K. - sounds like your sex life is lame
Nicholas S. - sounds like your bike life is lame
This is Rails’ greatest contribution, the one that will last longest, because eventually Rails itself will be usurped and something else will come along to pick at its sun-bleached carcass. But the ecosystem it will have left behind will be healthier because of its contributions.

Justin Gehtland

Rails core

Chad F. - David Heinemeier Hansson: what does "JAOO" stand for?
David H. - Java Object Oriented Conference or something
It looks like Microsoft is going to war with Google

Analyst in The Times

Rails core

David H. - Checked in the inspector
Nicholas S. - totally sleeping, night gents
Nicholas S. - *checks into his bed*
Nicholas S. - *PDI's the ordinality of imaginary sheep*

Thu Apr 27

Some things about Io aren’t totally hot yet.

Nicholas Seckar


Henry’s friend from Minnesota


17:43 <htonl> sup bitsweat
17:43 <htonl> how's tricks?
17:43 <bitsweat> turning fewer lately, all the johns are wise

Wed Apr 26

Io is the new lisp in that it’s freaking hot and still crashes a lot.

Nicholas Seckar


Ryan S. - ich bin ein Irving Berliner!

Tue Apr 25

Signal vs. Noise job board

Looking for Rails work? Start here.

Rails core

Chad F. - wow, someone said something in #ocaml
Chad F. - that's the first time i've ever seen that happen

Sun Apr 23

I always thought Smalltalk would beat Java, I just didn’t know it would be called ‘Ruby’ when it did.

Kent Beck

Sat Apr 22

In general, I try to stay away from databases as much as I can.

Hal Fulton’s closing statement in a presentation on Oracle/Ruby integration at The Silicon Valley Ruby Conference

Fri Apr 21

Rails core

Rick O. - hey guys, if anyone wants my 512MB ram for my MBP its yours if you pay shipping
Chad F. - oh cool. how should i pay for the shipping?
Scott B. - pay WITH BLOOD

Thu Apr 20



Awareness in technology works exactly the same way as it works in fashion. If the popular guys do it everyone else cargo cults off it.

Tobias Luetke


The anti-Real.

Writing DSLs in Ruby

Jamis Buck answers the question, “How do you get to the point where you are writing Domain Specific Languages?”
Americans seem to have an insatiable appetite for smut and garbage.

“Magazine consultant” in The New York Times

Wed Apr 19

Unroll an iterator when no block is given

class Module def unroll(iterator, unrolled = iterator) old_iterator = "iterator_#{iterator}" alias_method old_iterator, iterator class_eval <<-EVAL, __FILE__, __LINE__ + 1 def #{iterator}(*args, &block) collection = [] unless block_given? send(:#{old_iterator}, *args) do |*objects| # No room for a ternary ;_; if block_given? yield(*objects) else collection.push(*objects) end end collection unless block_given? end EVAL alias_method unrolled, iterator unless iterator == old_iterator alias_method iterator, old_iterator end end end module ObjectSpace class << self include Enumerable unroll :each_object, :objects alias_method :each, :each_object end end p ObjectSpace.objects.size => 368 p ObjectSpace.objects(Array).first => [:iterator_each_object, Array] p ObjectSpace.objects.last(3) => [Class, Module, Object]

Rails core

Marcel M. - the best part of that is the "limbering up" part
Dave T. - If they don't limber up, they tend to pull muscles
Marcel M. - esp. the older ones i'd imagine
Dave T. - the older ones we eat
Marcel M. - pragmatic
Mike C. - geriatric
Dave T. - balsamic
Teams of PDF-aware gerbils are this very moment limbering up to deliver your content.

After requesting a PDF from the Pragmatic Programmers


Jason F. - 7 color sharpies in the hizzie
Jason F. - look out Pointalists

St. Paul Church in Toronto

Rails core

Dave T. - Anyone heard of a filesharing network called Winny?
Dave T. - Like bad English rock bands, it's apparently big in Japan

Mon Apr 17

Relax, it isn’t fair.

Doug Martsch in Liar

Rails appears to have reached some sort of critical mass of productivity where ideas that live in the hearts and minds of most people have a chance of getting out and onto the screen.

Eric Knapp

Sun Apr 16


Monome (video)

Sat Apr 15

[David Sedaris] says he is acutely conscious of how much of his life has already slipped by waiting for the bill, leading him to conclude that self-service is the answer: ‘I wish I could have all those years back.’


Wed Apr 12


Jason F. - isn't that what the customer wants? choice?
Ryan S. - the customer wants dictatorship over a small country, if possible

Tue Apr 11

Yes, UTC really does stand for Coordinated Universal Time. There was a committee involved.

Pickaxe II footnote

Fri Apr 7


Blogosphere Linkology (PDF link)

To me, mainstream is mostly about reaching people who just don’t care.


Thu Apr 6

Rails core

Sam S. - we should submit an RFC for PDI
Michael K. - recipient MUST do it immediately
Marcel M. - Protocol for Distributed Delegation
Michael K. - instructor SHOULD be extremely arrogant
Michael K. - sorry, 'widely considered extremely arrogant'

Wed Apr 5

The power adapter port on your Macbook Pro contains a magnet that could erase data on a credit card or other magnetic device, if it gets too close. In order to preserve and protect your data, Apple recommends that you keep magnetic media away from the power adapter port.

MacBook manual

Tue Apr 4

Tip Screenshots to the clipboard in Mac OSX

In Mac OSX you can take a screenshot that will be saved directly to your clipboard.

ctrl-shift-cmd-4 will change your cursor to a cross-hair. Drag to select a region of the screen. When you finish dragging, the image data will be saved to your clipboard, reading for pasting into iChat, Mail, or whatever you like.

To capture an entire window, use cmtrl-shift-cmd-4-space.


Rail Travel proportional map

Sun Apr 2

when a cessation of our connexion was hinted at, that we were untasted on the chimney-piece. She came to her door, with even his mind is troubled with it, that he used all his power to deceive head gently, that she’s a most extraordinary affectionate little…

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