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Wed May 31


Nicholas Seckar’s desk

I’m positive there is no true speed advantage. I optimized for aesthetics.

Tobias Luetke


23:57 < nzkoz> I'd like to take this opportunity to say, fogbugz is way ghetto

Grocer solicitation

Delivering zero value 50 times a day is no better than doing it once a week.

Marcel on agility

Tue May 30

Rice & Resonance

Patterns in sound.

Crab on Cape Cod

I hate you, Fullerton Bus

Commuter rage.

Mon May 29


Weimaraners in Provence

Sat May 27

It has almost everything a small retailer will need, and nothing it doesn’t.

CNet on Shopify

Wed May 24

I felt like I was reading The Onion.

SvN commenter on Business 2.0’s Bulletproof Startup


Matt L. - i heard the worst song *ever* yesterday. country song. "honkytonk bedonkadonk." yes, as bad as it sounds.

Park near Marathon at dusk

Smack your MacBook Pro

to switch desktops…

Mon May 22

Tip Inchoative verbs

An inchoative verb denotes action constituted by two distinct states, one where some characteristic is present, and one where it is absent. The verb ‘kill’ is inchoative because it requires that its object be alive at one point and not alive at another. This is the property of becoming, technically known as ‘inchoative’, or ‘change of state’.

Writing Haskell is like writing poetry…as opposed to Python and Ruby, which are more prosaic, and Enterprise Java, which is more like a tax form.

Oliver Steele on stretch languages


Flaming Cargo

Sun May 21

Rails core

Zed S. - well, i'm off to go see the new 5th ave apple store
Zed S. - it's apparently open 24/7
Zed S. - who the fuck needs to buy apple crap at 4:45am?
Jeremy K. - drunkstumbling a macbook after last call
It doesn’t matter whether they’re white, black, brown or green. All that matters is I touch kids the way I can through clinics and they benefit from them.

Tiger Woods

Sat May 20

Tip Parameters vs arguments

In everyday usage, “parameter” and “argument” are used interchangeably to refer to the things that you use to define and call methods or functions.
Often this interchangeability doesn’t cause ambiguity. It should be noted, though, that conventionally, they refer to different things.
A “parameter” is the thing used to define a method or function while an “argument” is the thing you use to call a method or function.
def foo(param) ... end
foo(arg) # => obj

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what you say. People will understand from the context.

Thu May 18

Closures; An Italian Sonnet

Deep Thoughts on Closures

Bruce - To me, a closure is like a method template that you can put things in.
Chad - Maybe you should write a poem about it.

Wed May 17

Rails core

Jeremey K. - I just had a vision of the kool-aid guy busting into railsconf - OH YEAH

Tue May 16

Rails core

Chad F. - why is that even though i have a macbook pro i'm coveting the macbook? what sickness is this?
Marcel M. - it's called being an American

Mon May 15

Interview with Dave Thomas

Time to learn Objective Caml.
This should be one of the poster child examples of how having good intentions is necessary but not sufficient for something to be good.

Marcel on Mr. T

Photobooth tag on Flickr

I guess tags are alright.

Sun May 14



Thu May 11

Rails core

Scott B. - i'm gonna show her my rick O face
Rick O. - take a ride on the rick o coaster

The Autostadt

Rails core

Zed S. - hey folks, planning up the next mondo release of mongrel.
Zed S. - http://rubyforge.org/tracker/?atid=5148&group_id=1306
Zed S. - anything not listed there that people would like?
Rick O. - upload progress, while riding a pony

Wash Me

Prototype is pure programming bliss (feels very much like Ruby).

Jon Aquino

Wed May 10

Rails core

Tobias L. - my macbook has issues with power management
Tobias L. - sometimes i carry it and walk by some public wifi and i can hear ichat logging in from my bag
Guys, I’m gonna watch Lost on my iPod. Wake me up when YARV comes out.

One of the least surprised

Rails core

Tobias L. - my ichat is filling up with camera symbols
Tobias L. - gogo apple

Tue May 9

(no pun intended, but thanks for noticing)

Andy Hunt

Rails core

Tobias L. - did you see the new version of the DMCA proposed?
Tobias L. - you get 10 years for copying a madonna CD. By the way, you only get 7 years if you punch her in the face
Scott B. - then we all know what to do

Tip Chicago is built on a grid system

Chicago was built on a grid system with a “major” street every half mile – equal to four blocks. The starting point is at the intersection of State and Madison in the heart of the Loop. State Street runs north/south. All of the other north/south streets are numbered as so many blocks east or west of State, with the addresses increasing by 100 for each block (except downtown, where streets do not always correspond to a full block).
For example, Ashland Avenue runs north/south and is 16 blocks west of State and so its “address” is 1600 West. Since there are 8 blocks to a mile, we can also determine that Ashland is 2 miles west of State. Similarly all east/west streets are numbered as north or south of Madison, which runs east/west. The street that runs parallel to Madison eight blocks to the north (Chicago Avenue) is referred to as 800 North, and is one mile north of Madison.
Using this system you can always figure out how far and in what direction you have strayed from downtown, and by knowing a cross street’s address you can find any building in the city. A building with an address of 800 North Ashland Ave. will be 8 blocks north of Madison on Ashland which is 16 blocks west of State Street, at the intersection of Chicago Ave. and Ashland Ave. A building with an address of 1601 West Chicago Ave. will be on another corner of the same intersection.
(from http://www.transitchicago.com)

Mon May 8


Brent and Jessica entering the Queen Mine

I tend to break up a subprogram when there are too many local variables. Another clue is [too many] levels of indentation. I rarely look at length.

Ken Thompson

Sat May 6


Pop vs. Soda

Thu May 4

This is the part where I cough and it sounds like “bullshit”.

Jason Hoffman

Forever Stamps

The forever stamp, which would cost the same as a first-class stamp, would provide a hedge against future postal rate increases.

Wed May 3

Sometimes a person has to go a very long distance out of his way to come back a short distance correctly.

Jerry in Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story


Bridge by the Emperor’s Palace

Rails core

Marcel M. - last night on Teachers (this show on NBC), some students gave a meat thermometer to a teacher of theirs
Marcel M. - it was engraved with the following message
Marcel M. - "Teachers like you are rare. Well done."
Marcel M. - i found that clever :)
Marcel M. - or should i say, cleaver
Marcel M. - *zing*
[P]rograms must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.

Preface to the first edition of SICP


Marcel M. - Cingular is such an established name (of course not nearly as much as AT&T). Seems weird to just get rid of it.
Sam S. - telecommunications is all about confusion

Tue May 2

OS X turns out to be a platform of choice for developing MySQL itself.

MySQL on Mac OS X: An Ideal Development Combination

eBible.com Alpha

Apparently they liked the RailsConf design.

Mon May 1

[A] review of placeholder Web sites that result from misspelled domain names of well-known companies found that many of the ads on those pages come directly from Google.