hoodwink.d enhanced

Sat Jul 29


World Happiness Map, the “subjective well-being” of 80,000 respondents to over 100 surveys

Fri Jul 28

I don’t want to take my clothes off, but I do.


Thu Jul 27


I want to be alone

Wed Jul 26

We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents.

Bob Ross

Tue Jul 25

I’ve never met a big font I didn’t like.

Jason Fried

It’s a beautiful day for launching your love beams.

Edith Frost


Thu Jul 20

Python programmers are Serious Men who Don’t Have Time For Ponies.

Tim Bray

Wed Jul 19

Rails core

Jeremy K. - Zed Shaw: run your fingers down your sternum - the nub at the end that feels like a bit of bone connected by cartilage is your xyphoid process
Jeremy K. - (memories of CPR training.. 'that bit gets broken off a lot, but what the hey')

George Washington

Who knew?

Tue Jul 18

Stop-Motion Human Space Invaders


Yo La Tengo in Marfa


Yo La Tengo at the Academy of Rock

with David Cross.

Mon Jul 17

Solla Solla Enna Perumai

“David Brent totally wishes he was this guy”

Sun Jul 16


Frozen apples

Sat Jul 15

Nostalgia is a symptom of amnesia.

Oh Word

Thu Jul 13

In the last few weeks I’ve been pounding through Ruby like Rush Limbaugh through an Everest of Viagra.

Nat Torkington

Tue Jul 11


I just want to be your tugboat captain.

Galaxie 500

Mount Rushmore in 500,000 years

Rails core

Scott B. - whoever wrote the little app object in console has my eternal gratitude
Marcel M. - jamis wrote it ;)
Scott B. - oh well that's no fun, he already had my eternal gratitude
One project I worked on actually had a data type called a FuckedString.

Joel Spolsky

Mon Jul 10

Rails core

Bruce W. - The ugly part is the syntax, really, and the ability for rampant abuse
Mike C. - Oh, I just read that line without context and I thought you were talking about Java. :-)
Michael K. - Burn burn = (Burn)mike.getLastComment();
What kind of book do you read and feel sad that there’s only half of it left, instead of being impressed that you’re half way through?

Paul Graham

Sun Jul 9


Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street

…with a vocoder talk box.


Jamis B. - the construction folks are being so kind as to blast "Enter Sandman" at full volume across the street
Jason F. - Enter Sandblast

Sat Jul 8

More analytical graphics should be viewed as fine art, for real not ironically.

Edward Tufte, Beautiful Evidence

Fri Jul 7

Rails Core

Mike C. - Spam email with the subject "Apache Lighttpd Zed"
Mike C. - Personalization, I guess.

Thu Jul 6


New Dutch windmills

Wed Jul 5

I’m still holding out for pony integration.

Nate, regarding Basecamp / Campfire integration