hoodwink.d enhanced

Sat Mar 31


Paris, Texas

Fri Mar 30

I'll Remember You

Kui Lee


Polkadot, Oh Nokadot!

Thu Mar 29


Horoscope Dice

Clipping will be lost on roundtrip to Tiny.

Adobe Illustrator, every time I import something from Quantum GIS


T. Rex

Ajax is just lipstick on a pig.

Dave Thomas



Wed Mar 28


Amy Winehouse

Rails core

Michael K. - links is awesome
Michael K. - Accept: */*
Michael K. - even though it's a cli browser and patently can't display any images
Rick O. - yea it's good for seeing how shitty your ajax app is for blind people
These people are interested in rage and they think that if you aren’t enraged then you are part of the problem. It seems that they hate my optimism. They think I am poisoning peoples’ minds with my positive outlook.

Kathy Sierra on how she offended internet psychopath stalkers (keep on ‘poisoning’, Kathy)

Tue Mar 27


Metaprogramming JavaScript (also)

You ain’t gonna use it.

Avi at ETech on Seaside

MFA in Software


Mon Mar 26

noise […] resembles a sound wave yet communicates no information.

Reese Inman, on painting an algorithm


Scanned lunch salad from 2004


Bill Callahan

Sun Mar 25

Dice stacking

Rails core

Thomas F. - "Sir, I understand that you are buying used rail scraps,we are direct seller of used rail scrap based in Guniea and Ghana West Africa."
Thomas F. - "We are having over 360,000 tons of the Rails to sell."

Sat Mar 24

Smudge her mascara a little; she’s still sexy in the morning.

Jeremy Kemper%3



Thu Mar 22

If you have Builder::XmlMarkup and a pure heart you’re good to go…

Tim Bray

Tue Mar 20



If you are a poor player, just back up slowly and fade away.

Playing the Ukulele Live


Projectionist in today’s Chicago Tribune We’re not a Tumblr blog but we do like them!


Holga in Iceland

There’s sap in the trees if you tap ‘em. There’s blood on the seas if you map ’em."

Bill Callahan in Sycamore

Sun Mar 18

4’33 by John Cage

Full orchestral version.

Recommendation: Open the link in multiple tabs simultaneously. Listen to all the notes they’re not playing.

Sat Mar 17

ERb is like a hack…to the max.

Marcel speaking at the Mountain West Ruby Conference


Chad and Marcy at the Salt Lake City Denny’s

Programming is for world commerce. It is like agriculture or fossil fuels. It is lot a like baling hay. I’ll give you an example: You wouldn’t write a cartoon book with a plot and running narrative just to show a guy how to bale hay! That would frustrate the guy! He would throw that book in the pig’s pen! He just wants to get straight to the nitty-gritty and, for once in his life, just bale hay, straightway!

Programming is not supposed to be fun.

Fri Mar 16


Winning is a feeling that you get.

Chad Fowler

Convert JSON to YAML for Syck

def convert_json_to_yaml(json) # Ensure that ":" and "," are always # followed by a space quoting, escaping = false, false json.gsub(/./) do |char| escaping = false and next char if escaping case char when '"', "'" quoting = quoting == char ? false : char when "\\" escaping = true if quoting when ":", "," char << " " unless quoting end char end end json = %({"returnTo":{"/categories":"/"}}) YAML.load(json) # ArgumentError: syntax error on line 0, col 30: `' YAML.load(convert_json_to_yaml(json)) # => {"returnTo"=>{"/categories"=>"/"}}

Michel Gondry solves a Rubik’s Cube with his nose

A response to accusations that he digitally manipulated the footage of him performing the feat with his feet

Thu Mar 15


Sam going over his Monome library

Tue Mar 13

There are more useful systems developed in languages deemed awful than in languages praised for being beautiful—many more.

Bjarne Stroustrup

Mon Mar 12


Japanese taco truck

Rails core

Michael K. - man, random image sites are awesome till you get something filthy
Jeremy K. - like eating at taco trucks

Sat Mar 10

Look at all the things I’m not doing!

Recommendation: Open the link in multiple tabs simultaneously.

Fri Mar 9

I don’t know how far we’ll get, but at least whatever we make will be onion-free.

Avi Bryant on Heresy and Fried Onions

Thu Mar 8


Muybridge’s Animal Locomotion

Go easy on me, Queen of Languages…Go!

Dan Bejar in ‘Queen of Language’


Hallmark Journeys

Just buy me something. I’ll pay you later for these things.

Jim Putnam in ‘All the Ghosts’

Wed Mar 7


Mao Tse Tchup

Tue Mar 6

Does your mirror say, “Good day”, today? Does your family make you feel pride? Do their pictures keep you warm. Is your smile so easily worn? Worn away. Do you feel pride?

Jim O’Rourke in ‘Movie on the Way Down’

Rails core

Scott B. - the biggest fault i'm finding with my blackberry is it's not very pocket friendly
Scott B. - i pulled it out today and the phone dialer was up with the text Mmmmmmmmm on it
Scott B. - now, i don't know if it *knew* it was in my pocket and became excited, or what ...
Michael K. - don't they come with those silly belt clips
Scott B. - i'll take a bullet to the face before i EVER wear a phone on my belt
Scott B. - sorry, i'm not 50 yet
Thomas F. - there are combo leatherman/phone belt clips
Thomas F. - so, it can get worse than just the phone

This Sunday: The sky is falling!

“Daylight Savings Time Could Bring Y2K-like Problems”

Mon Mar 5

Your programs should expect alien chunks and treat them as if they weren’t there.

MIDI file format specification

To the Best of Our Knowledge on plagiarism

Interviews with Jonathan Lethem, DJ Spooky and Malcolm Gladwell.
Black is the new black.

Charting what the new what is in 2005

Rails Core

Marcel M. - http://www.harpers.org/TheEcstasyOfInfluence.html
Marcel M. - an article about plagiarism by a fairly well know contemporary american novelist
Michael K. - http://www.harpers.org/TheEcstasyOfInfluence.html
Michael K. - Hey guys, check out this interesting article on reuse by a pretty well known american author.
Rick O. - to learn about recursion click here: https://rails.campfirenow.com/room/21/transcript/2007/03/05

Toothpaste for Dinner on Second Life

Lady Disastra CLUB AREOLA VIP: The back room is for employees only.
Wenis Swindlehurst: How do I hit people

Sun Mar 4

no no no no no
“Venus Venus”
no no no no

Kelly’s reaction to The Final Countdown

Fri Mar 2

You don’t know a language until you’ve used it in anger.

Dave Thomas

Rails core

Michael K. - just realised, mogile fs is an anagram of omg files