hoodwink.d enhanced

Thu Apr 26

Tibetan rap at its finest


Yo La Tengo


Lisa, young and old

Wed Apr 25

Rails core

Jeremy K. - render :xml => @<%= file_name %>, :status => :created, :location => <%= file_name %>_url(@<%= file_name %>)
Jeremy K. - love that one liner
Michael K. - reminds me of a job I had writing perl code that would generate perl code
Michael K. - $$$$$$$$$${{{

Bruce, young and old

J't'aime Bien Lili

Philippe Chatel


Jamis, young and old

Ad hoc polymorphism with a “recursive” lambda

class Contract < Array # ... def hours_for(date) locator = lambda do case date when Date lambda {|work| date == work.date} when Range lambda {|work| date.include? work.date} when Numeric year = Date.today.year date = if date > 2000 D(date, 1)..D(date, 12) else D(year, date)..D(year, date + 1) end redo end end select(&locator.call).sum :hours end # ... end

Jeremy, young and old

Mon Apr 23

FYI, 13yo skool grl is nu US txt mssg chmpN

Euphonic epiphany like Keat’s lyre trope,
I am it, iambic rap’s last hope.

MC Lars, Straight Outta Stockholm

Sin Documentos

Los Rodriguez



Sun Apr 22

A good abstraction involves removing as much detail as possible while retaining validity and ensuring that the abstract actions are easy to carry out.

Peter Norvig in Artificial Intelligence

Fri Apr 20


Heart-shaped Egg

Thu Apr 19


Gentle Touch

You need me to make you a mix tape?

Sawyer to Kate on Lost

Tue Apr 17


Green screen

If you don’t have a recipe with Jello and cottage cheese, you’re not working hard enough.

Mike Clark

Someone Great

LCD Soundsystem

We’ll fight, we’ll fight for your music halls and dying cities

They’ll fight, they’ll fight for your neural walls and plasticities

Andrew Bird, Plasticities


Gloucester Harbor

True Affection

The Blow

Mon Apr 16

I am a strange loop.

Douglas Hofstadter

747 landing


Dangerous cliff edge

The Days of Me and You

The Real Tuesday Weld


Summer 2000

Sun Apr 15

Tip Resuscitating an unresponsive video iPod

Toggle the hold switch on then off. Press down both the menu and the select button for ten seconds. The iPod should then power down and back up.

Teacher's Pet

Petty Booka


St. Martin airport

This clearly means that I need to go to Japan.

Marcel on discovering Petty Booka

Sat Apr 14

The Plan



Near the City of Austin Power Plant

I didn’t know any better so I dared to begin.

Kurt Vonnegut


Thanksgiving in Waterman

Thu Apr 12

You are one of the people who “goes places in life”.

Today’s sarcastic fortune cookie

New Partner

Palace Music

No one belongs here more than you.

Miranda July

Wed Apr 11

There’s no reason not to mix and match, if you’ve got legacy Ruby code.

Adrian Holovaty on augmenting your Rails app with Django


Value Pack by Robert Bolesta

This code is really flirty.

Bruce Williams

Tue Apr 10


Up on Sam’s roof

Tip Dir#[] skips symlinks

Be mindful that when you write something like Dir['*/**/*.rb'], it will skip symlinked directories.

Where Twines the Path

Alasdair Roberts

Mon Apr 9


Roof access

Sat Apr 7

Going home for St. Cadbury’s day.

Patrick on Twitter


Hello Hector

Fri Apr 6

Disc 1 Track 5

The Conet Project

The Conet Project

Recordings of shortwave numbers stations


Marcel - https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount
Marcel - go down to the captcha
Marcel - and press on the accessibility icon with the dude in the wheelchair
Marcel - that's apparently the "stuff of nightmares" button
Koz - I'm going to stick that on my ipod
Koz - for when I'm running
Koz - and want to run away fast
Subject: [Painfully OT] A python question…

X-Mail-Count: 246963 on ruby-talk

Teaspoon Slide Guitar


Spring fever

A Sentence of Sorts In Kongsvinger

Of Montreal

Wed Apr 4

Naudo: King of Lounge Guitar!!!

The difference between doing something just like something somebody else did and doing something the way somebody else did it is the difference between being an imitator and being a student.

Giles Bowkett


Los Panchos


Room to Work

Tue Apr 3

It’s like a tabula rasa of toothpaste for dinner.


I tend to use the “list-as-sequence” view rather than the “list-as-first-and-rest” view. The reason is that defining a list as a first and a rest is an arbitrary and artificial distinction that is based on the implementation of lists that Lisp happens to use. The “list-as-sequence” view makes no such artificial distinction. It treats all elements identically.

Peter Norvig in Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming


This is Logan Square

Mon Apr 2

Elephant Gun


Jimmie Rodgers — T for Texas

Sun Apr 1

If only we’d been written in Ruby.

Steve from Urbis upon hearing that the junk segment “ALU” is repeated 300,000 times in the human genome