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Tue Jul 31



Mon Jul 30


The Intelligent Asset Allocator

There is abundant evidence to show that high buildings make people crazy.

Christopher Alexander in A Pattern Language

Shadows Moving On the Wall



Sun Jul 29

How can a train be lost? It’s on rails.

Jason Schwartzman

Mockingbird remix at TED 2006


Dona Rosa


We Feel Fine

Thu Jul 26

Tip Offline RDoc

Run the gem_server executable bundled with RubyGems and point your browser at localhost:8808


TV on the Radio

Wed Jul 25

I’m really open minded but Larry Wall is insane.


The data-parallel languages of the future will be functional languages.

Simon Peyton Jones

Sun Jul 22


Wonder Wheel


Gal Costa


Sat Jul 21

I used to tell my senior staff to get me poets as managers.

Sidney Harman

Wed Jul 18

Gulf Shores

Palace Music

Breaking News – Web Crash 2007

Tue Jul 17

Subject: 3 days of video storage left.

Recent internal email at YouTube


Friends trapped in an iPhone

Itís a shame this poor little usage gets such a bum rap.

Jennifer Dailey-OíCain on the quotative like

Mon Jul 16


Victoria Beckham and the tyndall effect

In The Morning

Junior Boys


Web 3.0: Animatronic monkeys

Tip Avoiding left turns saves gas

Last year, UPS cut 28 million miles from truck routes, saving roughly three million gallons of fuel, in good part by mapping routes that minimize left turns.

(source: http://tinyurl.com/2d6uy6)

Sun Jul 15


Thatcher on Drums

Fri Jul 13

Yeah, it’s kind of the ‘Myst’ of websites. Real pretty to look at, but don’t try to move or anything.

Alan Francis on the new project.ioni.st archive feature

Copying and pasting in OS X from Ruby

IO.popen('pbcopy', 'w+') do |clipboard| clipboard.write('Hello') end # ^V # => "Hello" IO.popen('pbpaste') do |clipboard| puts clipboard.read end # => "Hello"

Wed Jul 11

Food first, then morality.

Bertolt Brecht


Warping Wallpaper

The past is not dead. It’s not even past.

William Faulkner

Mon Jul 9

These Days

St. Vincent

Implicit is better than explicit, if you and computer feel same way.



Rooftop Potluck

Sun Jul 8

Tip Projectionist Archives

For Projectionist’s second birthday it got an Archives section at http://project.ioni.st/archives.


Lunar Sea

Camera Obscura

Mistakes are beautiful baby.

Ann’s piano player in Evening


Malcolm at his desk

Fri Jul 6

Like most Bobbindoctrin productions, this show is built for grown-ups. But unlike most Bobbindoctrin productions, the content in THE GIFT OF NIGHT will not traumatize children.

Disclaimer about The Gift of Night puppet show

“Twilight” by Dawn Landes

Who's Sorry Now

Patsy Cline

Tue Jul 3

Socalled – (These are) The Good Old Days

Mon Jul 2


Henry and Jose at Hamilton Pool

Mean Streak

Death Vessel