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Mon Mar 5

Your programs should expect alien chunks and treat them as if they weren’t there.

MIDI file format specification

To the Best of Our Knowledge on plagiarism

Interviews with Jonathan Lethem, DJ Spooky and Malcolm Gladwell.
Black is the new black.

Charting what the new what is in 2005

Rails Core

Marcel M. - http://www.harpers.org/TheEcstasyOfInfluence.html
Marcel M. - an article about plagiarism by a fairly well know contemporary american novelist
Michael K. - http://www.harpers.org/TheEcstasyOfInfluence.html
Michael K. - Hey guys, check out this interesting article on reuse by a pretty well known american author.
Rick O. - to learn about recursion click here: https://rails.campfirenow.com/room/21/transcript/2007/03/05

Toothpaste for Dinner on Second Life

Lady Disastra CLUB AREOLA VIP: The back room is for employees only.
Wenis Swindlehurst: How do I hit people