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Tue Mar 6

Does your mirror say, “Good day”, today? Does your family make you feel pride? Do their pictures keep you warm. Is your smile so easily worn? Worn away. Do you feel pride?

Jim O’Rourke in ‘Movie on the Way Down’

Rails core

Scott B. - the biggest fault i'm finding with my blackberry is it's not very pocket friendly
Scott B. - i pulled it out today and the phone dialer was up with the text Mmmmmmmmm on it
Scott B. - now, i don't know if it *knew* it was in my pocket and became excited, or what ...
Michael K. - don't they come with those silly belt clips
Scott B. - i'll take a bullet to the face before i EVER wear a phone on my belt
Scott B. - sorry, i'm not 50 yet
Thomas F. - there are combo leatherman/phone belt clips
Thomas F. - so, it can get worse than just the phone

This Sunday: The sky is falling!

“Daylight Savings Time Could Bring Y2K-like Problems”