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Thu May 10

Air – Mer du Japon


Egg birdfeeder

On the Suffering of Windows Users

Chad - Then it's only the windows users that suffer on the memory.
Jamis - They suffer so much already, they won't notice the difference
Chad - Exactly. it's like giving a slightly cheaper brand of ramen noodles to a college student.

Fiscal year API

class FederalFiscalYear < FiscalYear starts_in 'October' end class StateFiscalYear < FiscalYear starts_in 'July' end >> puts fiscal_year = FederalFiscalYear.new(2007) 2006-10-01..2007-09-30 >> puts fiscal_year.quarters 2006-10-01..2006-12-31 2007-01-01..2007-03-31 2007-04-01..2007-06-30 2007-07-01..2007-09-30 >> puts fiscal_year.quarters.first.next_quarter 2007-01-01..2007-03-31
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Translated Matz On Erlang