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Mon Jun 25

I’ve just gone down a bytecode k-hole. I’m command-I-ing everything in sight. It really is turtles all the way down.

Marcel on exploring Squeak’s implementation (in itself)

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Neutral Milk Hotel


Aircraft by Jeffrey Milstein

Module bundles

module ModuleBundle def self.new(*args, &block) module_bundle = Module.new(*args, &block) module_bundle.module_eval do callbacks_to_bubble_up = { :included => :include, :extended => :extend } bubble_up = lambda do |callback, method| module_eval(<<-EVAL, __FILE__, __LINE__) def self.#{callback}(klass) included_modules.each do |included_module| klass.send(:#{method}, included_module) end end EVAL end callbacks_to_bubble_up.each do |callback, method| bubble_up[callback, method] end end module_bundle end end UnixDetectionTools = ModuleBundle.new do include NetworkDetection include DiskDetection include HardwareDetection include OperatingSystemVersionDetection end class UnixWorker < Worker include UnixDetectionTools end