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Fri Aug 3

Persistent, usually painful erection of the penis, especially as a consequence of disease and not related to sexual arousal.

Ray Charles — Ring of Fire on the Johnny Cash Show

I Guess We'll Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guess

Bodies of Water

Tip Wild card matching Google queries

An asterisk can be used in a Google query as a wild card placeholder in a search phrase.
For example, if you forgot how to spell “Dwemthy”, a search for:
“*’s array” why the lucky stiff
finds results for “Dwemthy’s Array”.
Or, for example, you could try:
“Yukihiro Matsumoto was born in *”

(Though “Yukihiro Matsumoto was born in” might actually be better depending on what you are looking for…)

Good feeling of oneness with cup rubber.

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