hoodwink.d enhanced

Tue Aug 7

Taste is a microscope of judgment.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Test coverage & elegance

Chad - Code LOC: 554 Test LOC: 545 Code to Test Ratio: 1:0.98
Chad - LAME
Chad - it would be 100% if not for stupid rcov not understanding my elegance

Lisa and Christina at brunch

Be Good Or Be Gone

Fionn Regan

I have become an aerial view of a coastal town you once knew.

Fionn Regan in Be Good or Be Gone

Of or relating to the partially conscious state that precedes complete awakening from sleep.

Lua, lua, lua, lua

Gal Costa


Near Bainbridge Island

Whosoever knows the folds and complexities of his own mother’s body, he shall never die.

First line of Purple America