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Mon Aug 6

Hey Now from True Stories

Check if a command exists

def command_exists?(command) if RUBY_PLATFORM[/win32|windows|nt|xp/] false # Patches welcome else command_missing = /^no\s+#{command}/ %x[which #{command} 2>&1] !~ command_missing end end

Grad school & Caprice

Lisa - i totally think about applying for a PhD in history, theory and criticism
Lisa - but then I'll be stuck in school forever doing nothing but bullshitting
Marcel - well it will be interesting what you decide when after several years of thinking loads of different things off and on a ton of times over and over again you finally reach a point when it's time to make a decision and something pops out of the swirl
Lisa - caprice pops out, my daughter
Marcel - double lol. Caprice is a really nice name when pronounced the Italian way (Cah pree cheh)

All Through The Night

London, London

Caetano Veloso

[gluh-bel-uh]noun, plural
The smooth area between the eyebrows just above the nose.

Christina before the wedding