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Thu Oct 18

Rails core

Marcel M. - http://izumi.plan99.net/blog/
Marcel M. - porny header on the site is kind of weird...
Jeremy K. - I was reading his latest post when a friend walked in and quickly averted her eyes
Jeremy K. - I'm like, not EVEN...

La Blogotheque

Large aquatic carnivorous mammal with fin-like forelimbs no hind limbs, including: whales; dolphins; porpoises; narwhals.

The Ronettes – Be My Baby

Oh, What a Disappointment


Tip Stop mds from taking up all your CPU

If your Spotlight index has become corrupted (somehow), the mds process which manages it will aimlessly chew up most of your CPU indefinitely.
You can stop it from doing so by clearing your Spotlight index and allowing it to rebuild at its leisure with the following command:
sudo mdutil -E /</pre></b>