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Sat May 17

Numeric#reduce_by(percentage) # until

class Numeric def reduce_by(percentage = 50.percent, &block) block ||= Proc.new {|number| number.small?} return self if block.call(self) reduced_to = self until block.call(reduced_to) reduced_to = reduced_to.reduce_to(percentage) end Integer(reduced_to) end alias_method :reduce, :reduce_by end 100_000.reduce_by {|number| !number.very_large?} # => 6250 100_000.reduce_by 20.percent {|number| !number.large?} # => 32 100_000.reduce # => 48
Occurring every fourth day, counting inclusively, or every 72 hours. Used of a fever.

Chris Ware animation from This American Life

Just Another Day

Brian Eno


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In practice, it will never be as natural to speak of good fit as the simultaneous satisfaction of a number of requirements, as it will be to call it the simultaneous nonoccurrence of the same number of corresponding misfits.

Christopher Alexander