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Sat Nov 19


21:01 < noradio> chad: dude...louisville is for hipsters ;)
21:01 < chad> noradio: oh it is? cool. thx.
21:01 < noradio> Will Oldham is from Louisville 8)
21:01 < chad> who is that?
21:02 < noradio> *exactly*
Sometimes Microsoft is alright.

Marcel, after seeing this

It’s like the word “allopathic.” It just means doing things right, and it’s a bad sign when you have a special word for that.

Paul Graham on Web 2.0


17:28 <@bitsweat> I find that I like getting TV series on DVD is really nice
17:28 <@bitsweat> um, ENGRISH


Create maps on which you can plot points, add annotations and draw routes.

Tip Storing sessions in your database

1. Run a rake task

rake create_session_table

2. Edit your config/environment.rb
config.action_controller.session_store =  \

3. Cruise for burgers

“Pipes” with Ruby’s IO

Perhaps the Rio project could incorporate this approach into its API.
I pledge to post only the cream of the meme, in order to uphold the standards of link quality and rarity to which Project.ioni.st aggregators have become accustomed.

Patrick Ewing, newest addition to Projectionist


Radical cartography