hoodwink.d enhanced

Thu Dec 22


20:21 <@tehdely> omfgasdfg
20:21 <@tehdely> oracle's validation when you try to sign up for OTN...
20:21 <@tehdely> it returns only one validation error at a time
20:21 <@tehdely> and the form comes after a POST
20:21 <@tehdely> so when you click 'back', Safari nags you about it like 2 times in a row
20:21 <@tehdely> and then you hit submit
20:21 <@tehdely> and whoop, now the second validation error shows up
20:22 <@tehdely> click back , hit ok twice, correct form, hit submit
20:22 <@tehdely> whoops, the change you made the first time disappeared
20:22 <@tehdely> ENTERPRISE AGILE