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Wed Jan 4


15:54 * htonlak pairs with himself
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Obie Fernandez


23:35 < technoweenie> how'd the talk go
23:35 < htonlak> the evening went quite well
23:35 < htonlak> jim's presentation rocked, and someone got it on film
23:37 < htonlak> what i ended up doing was just taking the complete app, removing models/* and controllers/*, then reviewing the tests and filling in the app around the tests
23:37 < htonlak> it worked out pretty well, except for one instance when a selenium test for edit in place was supposed to fail but it passed
23:38 < noradio> did you figure out why it was passing?
23:38 < htonlak> no, i went to the bar with jim instead
23:38 < noradio> agile

John Chamberlain in Marfa