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Fri Jan 6


19:05 < enoch-> if these apple displays get any bigger, i'm going to have to go back to writing duplicated code to fill the space
Please only Web 2.0 oriented people.

JOB Opening

Tip Use any? rather than !empty?

Calling Enumerable#any? without a block is the same as yielding each element to the block. As a result, when you can’t use unless, any? is semantically similar to the uglier !empty? (or size.nonzero?).

  if foo && !bar.empty?

  1. vs.
    if foo && bar.any?
This works for anything that includes Enumerable, notably Array and String.
Why are we not doing internationalization in Basecamp? Is it because it is a hard technical problem? Hell no. It’s because it would totally, like, cramp our style.

David at Snakes and Rubies


The Arena


16:10 < pragdave> The cool thing about BBQ is that you have to take your life into your hands and buy it from shacks that look like they were condemned before the war