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Thu Jan 19

Tip farther vs further

Both are comparative degrees of far, but farther refers to physical distance, while further refers to figurative distance.

  • I can’t walk any farther.
  • I didn’t look into the problem any further.
This is Chicago.

An automated announcement on the L

Rake 0.7.0 released

Highlights include parallel (threaded!) tasks and namespace support. You know the drill: gem install rake (or get it the luddite’s way). Thanks Jim!

BBQ in Fort Stockton at sunset

It’s slick like a wet doorknob!

Jamis Buck in a Sunrise commit message


22:18 < htonl> i heartily and violently reiterate http://project.ioni.st/post/191#post-191
22:18 < htonl> i was just nearly blown the hell out of my desk chair
22:19 < htonl> my shouting "oh jesus christ!" kind of scared my wife, too