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Mon Jan 23

After programing in ruby for the past 3 months, I must say I’m happier.

Sky Yin on ruby-talk


18:16 <@Ulysses> wn chad
18:17 <@chad> does that mean what's new?
18:18 <@Ulysses> yes
18:19 <@Ulysses> pretend to be darcs for a moment :-)
18:19 <@Ulysses> tell me about all the new hunks in your life
18:19 <@noradio> zing
18:19 <@noradio> and by zing i mean, you're a total nerd
Celebrate, shut up, and do something.

Ryan Singer


13:08 < enoch-> nextangle needs time to assume the crane fighting position

Tobi yawning

Date range to SQL clause

(6.months.ago.to_date..1.year.ago.to_date).to_s(:db) => "BETWEEN '2005-07-27' AND '2005-01-22'"
How many times, in your professional career, have you written a function to generate a Fibonacci sequence?

Josh Carter on Ruby vs. Lisp

For developers who consider themselves as poets and artists too, I can’t think of a better language.

Edd Dumbill on Ruby