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Tue Jan 31

OK, that is seriously too sweet.

Jeremy Durham


module Enumerable def group_by inject({}) do |groups, element| (groups[yield(element)] ||= []) << element groups end end end events.group_by(&:month) # => {'May' => [<Event>, <Event>], 'June' => [...]}

The 2006 Practicalmadness Oscars Game

Correctly predict the winners of as many Academy Awards categories as possible by March 5 and win…
something (to be announced). Details at David Demaree’s blog.
That really chaps your caboose.

Sam to Marcel, in reference to using “less” rather than “fewer”


17:21 < mikael> I give my servers male names and my home workstations female names
17:21 < mikael> because that's the way it should be