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Tue Jul 26

MC Plus+

Watch out Kleenex Girl Wonder.

Santiago Calatrava and the Fordham Spire

— a $500 million undertaking which will plop the country’s tallest building (almost 2000 feet tall) on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive. Condominium residences in the tower are expected to cost between $6.5 and $7.5 million. Yes, please.

From rake’s Rakefile

def egrep(pattern) Dir['**/*.rb'].each do |fn| count = 0 open(fn) do |f| while line = f.gets count += 1 if line =~ pattern puts "#{fn}:#{count}:#{line}" end end end end end desc "Look for TODO and FIXME tags in the code" task :todo do egrep /#.*(FIXME|TODO|TBD)/ end

Knife rack

AJAX Debugging Console

“Each individual XMLHttpRequest invocation will get listed there, with all the details on the request and the response, as well as options to edit and replay the request or replay the response callback.”