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Fri Apr 28

Rails core

Nicholas S. - can't wait to ride this bike
Nicholas S. - it'll be like having sex
Nicholas S. - only last 3 hours
Rick O. - sounds hot
Michael K. - sounds like your sex life is lame
Nicholas S. - sounds like your bike life is lame
This is Rails’ greatest contribution, the one that will last longest, because eventually Rails itself will be usurped and something else will come along to pick at its sun-bleached carcass. But the ecosystem it will have left behind will be healthier because of its contributions.

Justin Gehtland

Rails core

Chad F. - David Heinemeier Hansson: what does "JAOO" stand for?
David H. - Java Object Oriented Conference or something
It looks like Microsoft is going to war with Google

Analyst in The Times

Rails core

David H. - Checked in the inspector
Nicholas S. - totally sleeping, night gents
Nicholas S. - *checks into his bed*
Nicholas S. - *PDI's the ordinality of imaginary sheep*